The Last Sneaker Michael Jordan Ever Wore In 1984 Can Now Be Yours

Michael Jordan 1984 olympics-1 converse signed sneaker auction

A serious Gem is on the market.

What's more important, owning a piece of history no one else in the world does or money? That's a tough answer depending on your situation of course. A former Ball-Boy for the 1984 Olympics decided to put up one of the craziest pieces of memorabilia we have seen to date. The guy was lucky enough to receive Michael Jordan's game-worn and signed Converse during his Olympic Gold medal run. Sure the design of the shoe isn't special, but the history attached to it is what makes this sneaker desirable if you have the bank account to cash out.

This is the last sneaker Michael Jordan would wear on court prior to signing a life long deal with Nike. Just think about owning a PE no one else in the world will ever be able to obtain, that's ralph level folks. The bid will start at $5,000 and there's no telling how high it will max out for. Michael Jordan's game-worn Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game" sold for a record $104,765 by the way. Stick with TSG as we update you on the final price of Michael Jordan's Olympic game-worn and signed Converse auction.

Source: Grey Flannel / ESPN

Michael Jordan 1984 olympics converse signed sneaker auction
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