The Real Story Behind Tony Wroten's Air Jordan 10 Blow Out


We have the answers.

Alright TSGFam, over the weekend we reported on the sole separation Tony Wroten had mid-game against the Indiana Pacers. There was plenty discussion in the community as to what the reasons were for this Air Jordan 10 to just fall apart out of nowhere. Some people were saying the 'terrible quality of Jordan Brand, why would they give him new sneakers that fell apart' and some people argued over shoe being 9 years old. I decided to dig a little deeper on this story to get the facts because I realized that people were quick to hop on the 'trash Jordan Brand' bandwagon when in actuality this wasn't their fault.

Friday afternoon I received word that Tony Wroten had purchased the Air Jordan 10s from a consignment shop in Philadelphia named Sole Control. As I suspected, the sneakers weren't reissued to Wroten directly from Jordan Brand. I was fortunate enough to get the scoop from Steve, manager at Sole Control who went on record.

TSG: Did you in fact sell the Air Jordan 10s that blew out to Tony Wroten?

Steve: Yup, the sneakers were 100% deadstock, brand new from 2005. We sold Tony the sneakers for a little over $400.

TSG: Did he contact you guys after the incident?

Steve: He sure did! Tony is a loyal customer at Sole Control and we take care of our people so we actually have arranged for the soles to get repaired immediately to return to him.

TSG: Customer service at it's finest. What do you think the reason for the sole separation could have been?

Steve: The sneakers were 9 years old. If you store a sneaker for nearly 10 years, expect the glue to get old too. Tony plays in the NBA, this isn't just a pick up game so his sneakers take a lot of wear and tear. I believe that was the second time he's worn the Air Jordan 10s he bought from us on the court if I'm not mistaken. This had nothing to do with the "quality" of Jordan Brand sneakers. The construction of Jordan's are great actually, if you want to make a case for the materials used that's fine, but materials have nothing to do with what happened in this case. Guys like Tony Wroten and Nick Young go through sneakers really fast because they want to play in older sneakers that look good.

Tony Wroten Sneaker Blow out3

Well folks there you have it! I know we all had our opinions about the matter, but facts are facts. NBA players need new sneakers as often as possible to prevent mistakes like this from happening. The older the sneaker is, the high risk you have of a sneaker blow out. I salute Tony Wroten for being into kicks and wanting to look fresh on court, but the Sixers just tied record for most consecutive losses in their history - bruh, focus on the game and grab some Nike Zoom Crusaders like Paul George and James Harden. Last thing I would want for an NBA player is to have the ball last seconds in a game winning situation and you lose because the soles fell off.

Moral of this story, stop flexin!