Which Celebrity Has The Best Sneaker Collaboration?


Best Hip Hop Artist Collaboration

One thing that’s for certain is that Hip-Hop has had a huge influence on the sneaker culture.

I've been a fan of artist collaborating with sneaker brands since I seen the Kanye West x Bapesta collab in 2006, which had the iconic bear from his album "College Dropout."

Hip-Hop artist is one of the main reasons I got into shoes, so seeing how artist collaborating with brands is at an all time high is good to see.

My favorite artist collaboration has to be Travis Scott and what he is doing, I feel like he has the Kanye effect as far as innovating the culture.

Which celebrity do you think has the best collaboration?

Photo: Complex

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Travis doing his thing right now but Kanye got it all time


I think Trav has it right now, but we'll see if this Beyonce collection comes and f**** up the parlay. Lol



Easy. Kanye West.